Jim Purtle has been in youth ministry since the 90's, and still thinks Birkenstocks are the height of footwear fashion. 

He has served on the youth council since 2007 and was elected president of HHYC in 2013.

He is the youth pastor at El Dorado Springs COGH. He lives in El Dorado Springs with his wife Cindy and four children.

Purtle Fam 2018.jpg

Karen Dodson loves tagging things . . . on Facebook and working in children's and youth ministry.

She has been the youth council treasurer since 2016.

She is married to Justin, and they attend Lowry City COGH, where they are active in ministry and raise their four children: Joey, Ethan, Claira, Angela & Esther.  They also volunteer at Lowry City Christian School, where their three oldest attend.


Brandon Speak is known for catching arrows with his bare hands and is a fourth degree black belt.

He has been on the youth council forever and serves in the Department of Devotions.

He is married to Karen and they have two children, Natalie and Caleb.  Brandon pastors the Lockhart, Mississipi, COGH.











Jeremy Budy wants to glorify God by making a difference in the lives of teenagers and is well known for sliding into things.

He has served as youth council vice-president for a very long time.

He is married to Amy and they have three children: Dominick, Mackenzie, and Kinliegh.  They live in Fort Scott, where Jeremy teaches at Fort Scott Christian Heights, and they attend Parkway COGH.

Krysta Remole has been coming to Harmony Hill since she was nine.  She loves making homemade cards.

She has served as secretary of the youth council since 2015.

Krysta is married to Ryan and teaches at Bevier C-4 School.  They attend Moberly Independent Holiness Church.

Ryan Remole is the newest member of the youth council, serving in the Department of Missions since 2017.

Ryan and Krysta now have a tiny daughter named Rylee Ann, who is way cooler than either of them.

Randy Bland is inexplicably single and owns more books than you do.

He has been on the youth council since 2015 and serves in the Department of Evangelism.

Randy is a funeral director, bus driver, and part-time dreamer, who lives in El Dorado Springs, where he attends the Eldo COGH.  He spends a lot of time playing with his nieces and nephews.

Chris Hubbard is known for blindly running into walls.

He serves on the Youth Council in the Department of Education, a position once held by his father.

Chris is married to Rachel and operates Hubbard Home Health in Columbia.  They are the parents of Landon and volunteer at Rockbridge COGH.