There are currently three options for online giving to Harmony Hill: the general fund, the Majestic Sweetness fund, and the Retreat Sponsorship fund.  Please choose the fund to which you wish to give on the giving page.  If a fund is not chosen, your donation will automatically go into the general fund.

Money given to the general fund is used for the day to day operations of Harmony Hill.  It pays for things like insurance, electricity, and the caretaker's salary.

Money give to the Majestic Sweetness fund is used to pay down the loan that was taken out in order to remodel Majestic Sweetness.

Money given to the Retreat Sponsorship fund is used to help pay part of the expense for Youth Retreat and QUEST Retreat, which allows us to make the retreats more affordable to high school and college students and other young adults.

Give to Harmony Hill.

To give through the mail, make checks payable to Harmony Hill Youth Camp and send them to:

HHYC c/o Karen Dodson

7300 NW 100 RD

Rockville, MO 64780