The organization of this youth group is the result of the deep conviction that the forces of the Christian young people of the Church of God (Holiness) need to be united, and a channel provided through which they may grow in grace and help to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Article I

            The name of this organization shall be “The Church of God (Holiness) Youth.”

Article II

Sec.1 The purpose of this organization is to minister to the needs of young people and to aid them in spiritual development.  This purpose is to be accomplished by the following means: 

(a)    Conduct an annual General Youth Camp and Convention, and other camps and retreats.

(b)    Encourage the organization and development of youth organizations on the local church level.

(c)    Encourage the organization and development of area youth organizations.

(d)   Challenge our youth with the needs and possibilities of service in, and support of Foreign Missions, Home Missions, and Christian Education.

Article III

     We accept as the foundation of our faith (a) the Inerrant, Inspired Word of God; (b) the Entire Sanctification of Believers as an instantaneous, second definite work of grace; and (c) the One New testament Church.

Article IV

Sec. 1 Eligibility for voting shall be limited to persons 13 through 39 who have been born again and are identified with the Church of God (Holiness), and are not a member of any denomination.

Sec. 2 Eligibility for Youth Council Officers shall be limited to persons 21 years through 39 years of age (if an individual turns 40 during the term, he may complete it), who are born again, sanctified, identified with the Church of God (Holiness), and is not a member of any denomination.  The officers shall be elected by the General Youth Convention by a plurality vote.

Article V

Officers and Executive Council

Sec. 1 The Executive Youth Council shall be comprised of the following:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Department of Education, Devotions, Missions, and Evangelism.

Sec. 2 See Handbook for specific details of job descriptions of the Executive Committee Members.

Sec. 3 The Executive Council shall have authority to transact all necessary business in the interim between General Conventions.

Sec. 4 The Executive Council shall act as a Committee on Nominations of all national officers, submitting a minimum of two nominations for each office.  Opportunities shall be given for additional nominations from the convention floor.

Sec. 5 All vacancies or resignations occurring during General Youth Convention shall be filled by the General Youth Convention.

Sec. 6Nominations for President must be a current council member unless all council members have declined the position.

Sec. 7All policies regarding the rules and regulations of camp operations including but not limited to the coordination of all camp workers, dress codes, codes of conduct, and the approval of recreational activities will be determined by the Executive Youth Council.

Article VI

General Youth Council

Sec. 1 The General Youth Council shall be comprised of the members of the Executive Youth Council plus the following nonvoting members; Kids Kamp Directors, Activities Director, Grounds Coordinators, and Teen Representatives.

Sec. 2 All Ex-Officio members of the General Youth Council shall be elected by and amenable to the Executive Youth Council including Kids Kamp Directors, Grounds Coordinators, and Activities Directors.

Sec. 3Two teen representatives shall be elected on alternating years for two year terms, by the General Youth Convention.  The representatives must be born again and identified with the Church of God (Holiness).

Sec. 4All appointed and elected offices for the General Youth Council shall be for 2 year terms.

Article VII

General Convention

Sec. 1The General Youth Convention shall be held annually, at such time and place as shall be agreed upon by the Executive Council.  The programs of said convention shall consist of necessary business and reports.

Sec 2 The number of youth delegates from each local church shall be on the basis of 1 voting delegate for each 10 members or fraction thereof of the Church Youth.  The local delegates must be born again.

Article VIII

Moral Standard

We believe that all young people should manifest a Christian conscience in the maintenance of clean habits, in the wearing of modest apparel, and abstaining from all appearance of evil in the matter of recreations and amusements which do not build Christian character and influence.

Article IX


This Constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote at any General Youth Convention, providing the proposed amendment has been submitted previous to Convention day in writing to the Youth Council, and printed copies of the same have been distributed to the convention delegates.

Article X

Rules of Order

All rules of procedure not herein provided for shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.